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Praeli Brothers & Co. (Lima, Tarma, La Merced), an import-export firm specialized in the sale of coffee from Chanchamayo and other products from the Amazonian and Andean regions. The firm also served as banking agents throughout the interior for all…

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Peru and London Bank (Lima) operates a special section devoted to handling transactions for the Chinese community, which is staffed by a Chinese national

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Transatlantic German Bank (Lima) with 24 branches throughout Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Spain and money orders and remittance services to all major Chinese ports.

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E. Ayulo & Co. (Lima, Callao, Huacho, Supe, New York, London, and Paris), import and export brokers and shipping and customs agents

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The Chungwha Navigation Co. Ltd. traveled to Arica, Iquique, Valparaiso (Chile), Tahiti (French Polynesia), Wellington, Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (New Zealand), Thursday Island and Tarakan (East Indies), and Hong Kong (China)


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Aurelio Pow San Chia (謝寶山)(left), owner of Pow Lung & Co. (寶隆)and President of the Chinese Benevolent Association (秘魯中華痛惠總局) in Lima

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Wing On Chong & Co. (永安昌) of Lima

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Fon Shan King, Director of Wing On Chong & Co. (永安昌) of Lima

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Cesareo Chin Fuksan, Manager of Wing On Chong & Co. (永案昌) of Lima

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Pow On & Co. in Lima
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