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Aurelio Pow San Chia (謝寶山)(left), owner of Pow Lung & Co. (寶隆)and President of the Chinese Benevolent Association (秘魯中華痛惠總局) in Lima

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Wing On Chong & Co. (永安昌) of Lima

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Fon Shan King, Director of Wing On Chong & Co. (永安昌) of Lima

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Cesareo Chin Fuksan, Manager of Wing On Chong & Co. (永案昌) of Lima

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Pow On & Co. in Lima

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Santiago Escudero Whu, principal partner and Director of Pow On & Co. of Lima

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Pablo Chan Po Lim, General Manager of Hop On Wing & Co. of Lima

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Tomas Yui Swayne, owner of the commercial firms Wing Yui Chong & Co. in Casma Province and Wing Hing & Co. in the town of Chincha Alta in Chincha Province

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Olimpo Theater of Lima, owned by Tomas Yui Swayne

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Printing press of newspaper "The Chinese Community Voice" (La Voz de la Colonia China)
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